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School Expectations

At Rocky Mountain Middle School, we utilize positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) to assist students and educators. It is the only approach to addressing behavior that is specifically mentioned in IDEA law and is implemented in all 50 states.

Key Features of PBIS

PBIS is an evidence-based framework developed to assist school teams in providing preventative, positive behavioral support for ALL students. This system of support includes:

  • Clearly defined behavioral expectations
  • Social and behavioral skills instruction
  • Positive and proactive discipline
  • Active supervision and monitoring
  • Positive acknowledgment
  • Data-based decision making

Outcomes of PBIS:

  • Increased Academic Performance
  • Increased School Safety
  • Decreased Problem Behavior
  • Decreased Bullying Behavior
  • Established Positive School Cultures

As a part of what we are doing with PBIS, we have schoolwide expectations for every area of our school that is required of all students. These expectations are aligned with the Code of Student Conduct outlined by Bonneville School District #93. Students and parents should be familiar with the Code of Student Conduct for all expectations. Rocky Mountain's schoolwide expectations are listed below, and you can access the area-specific expectations in the links panel on this page. To assist with remembering these expectations, we use the acronym STING:

S - Safe: 

  • Keep yourself to yourself and think before you act. If you are about to do something that will hurt someone physically or emotionally, don’t do it.

T - Take Responsibility: 

  • Be ready, prepared, and on time to learn. Do your best and learn from your mistakes.

I - Integrity: 

  • Be honest, truthful, and trustworthy in all things.

N - Never Unkind: 

  • Be a friend, think of others’ feelings, and look for others’ needs.

G - Give Respect: 

  • Respect fellow students and all adults, respect others’ property and have a good attitude.